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vanessaliddell asked: If it's not too much to ask, do you remember what size you ordered in the Monte Carlo Lake Dress? We have very similar stats and I'd like to purchase it, however I'm hesitant because I've never ordered anything from heartofhaute, therefore I'm not sure how accurate their sizing is. Thanks so much!!

Hi Sugar!! 

I wear the Monte Carlo in a size XL and it is a perfect fit. You will be smitten as soon as you try this frock on as the fabric is divine. I recently ordered the dress once again in red! 

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hi-fangirling-im-dad asked: youre my inspiration

Way to make me blush on a Friday morning 


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pilsbury77 asked: Just wanted to say I saw your picture the one with you in the sunflowers and you look so elegant an beautiful. I just had to tell you I really liked the way you looked in that shot.

Thank you!! That was such a brilliant location and I’m so happy I got to do that with an amazing photographer. Sadly they have died off but fingers crossed they will come back next season. 

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nihoney asked: I just discovered you and tumblr and I love, love, love your photos! They're well taken, and your poses and expressions are fabulous. I want you to know you've just became a huge inspiration and source of hope for me. :') Thank you.

Thank you kitten!! xxxx