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slaughterhouse-kittty asked: My word you're perfect! Such inspiration! <3

Thank you beautiful one! 


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weirdlittle asked: Gosh! I like what you do so SO much. People call me fat and you know stuff... but when I look at your photos it gives me confidence. :) I so envy you.

Thank you honey!!

People can be arsehats so don’t listen to them. Having self confidence is the most important part, to hell with that they think. 

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beautyandmayhem asked: Idk how to say this without sounding somewhat offensive but I don't mean to! I think the fact that you have the phrase plus size in your bio is unnecessary. Skinny models don't make the distinction why should a curvy model have to?

Thank you hun I 100% agree with you there. I’m not plus size as I don’t fit into plus size clothing yet I am hired as a plus size model. It’s crazy! I’m just a model and rather regular :)


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zeus64068 asked: You are the embodiment of the term "classic beauty". Elegant, versatile, and all around Amazing!

Way to make me blush! Thank you sugar!